Friends @ 65th Birthday


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Friends from Vienna, Baden and my home region of Kirchberg am Wechsel celebrate my 65th birthday at the Sauerhof Hotel in Baden bei Wien, May 2010


Work friends from Graz University of Technology help with the celebration of my 65th birthday in Graz at Joebstl,

April 2010


Our friend Johann Theurl in Graz had his 70th one day after my 65th, so we had a small joint celebration at the Opern Cafe in Graz,  April 2010


Sankt Anton am Arlberg friends gathered at the Museum restaurant for a 65th birthday party

April 2010 download adobe photoshop for mac


Boulder [Colorado] followed with a 65th birthday party that also doubled as 25th anniversary of our presence in Boulder and as a recognition of our 40th wedding anniversary in 2009;

June 2010


Skiing leads to friendships.  Red: Bobby Netterstrom [Boulder], black: Ewan Eastham from London [residing in  Mumbai, India] Ewan's friend Nic [residing in Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegova] in yellow, Stierloch/ Arlberg, 2012


Many friends join in attending various festive Balls in Vienna. This is with Harald Meixner; his wife Petra is to the left in the background, Jan 2012.

The Microsoft transaction led to new friendships, very prominently with Anne-Marie and Stephen Lawler who helped us celebrating the TC-Ball at Musikverein/Vienna in Jan 2012.