A History of Teaching and Curriculum Development

1969 – retirement Life-long effort in developing various teaching aids for classes thought since the start of the professional career. Lecturing at many conferences and institutes.


1969 – 1974 ITC-Holland courses in English and French leading to the degrees of B.Sc. and M.Sc. concerning numerous subjects in the areas of photogrammetry, adjustment computation, digital elevantion modeling (DEMs), project planning and remote sensing.


1972 Organizing and lecturing at various international courses, beginning in 1972 with an intensive six-week course in the Spanish language on radar mapping, held in Bogota, Colombia. Cooperation in various international seminars on photogrammetry and remote sensing in Enschede, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur, Nairobi, Bandung.


1976 – 1984 Graz University of Technology normal professorial teaching duties in photogrammetry.


1980 – 2013 Supervision of doctoral students on their way to earn a post-graduate degree (Ph.D.).


1992 – 2013 Buildup of an academic team [Institute] for computer vision and computer graphics within the then-established programs for „Applied Mathematics“ and of „Telematics“ at Graz University of Technology and later including „Software Development and Management“ and „Computer Science“. Normal professorial teaching duties on all aspects of the field.


1999 – 2005 Chairmanship of the relevant committee [Studienkommission] on „Telematics“ at Graz University of Technology and conversion of a monolithic 5-year study program for „Telematics“ into a 3-year Bachelor program with subsequent 2-year Master specialization.


2000 – 2005 Chairmanship of the relevant committee [Studienkommission] for the creation of a new study program at Graz University of Technology „Software Development and Management“ with 200 starting students in 2002.


2006 – 2008 „Evangelist“ of the Microsoft Virtual Earth initiative with conference keynotes and conference presentations across the globe.


Table of teaching activities == about 2012 —  at Graz University of Technology