Research and Innovations


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Augmented Reality Environment
with Tracked Person and Devices: Helmet, Pen, Tablet, 2008
Increased Redundancy Photogrammetry
3000 Digital Aerial Photos Covering
Graz [150 km2], 2009
Virtual Liver Operations Planning Tool: Segmented Liver and Tumor in 3D,
Virtual Scalpel, 2007

Pattern Recognition Paper

ISPRS Symposium Moscow [Russia]


3D Buildings @ Vancouver to Plan Wireless LMDS Transmission Network, Colors for Improved Interpretability, ~1998


UltraCam-D Large Format Digital Aerial Camera at ASPRS Convention. M. Gruber, W. Walcher, T. & F. Leberl, 2003 


Map Generalization for Scale Transition with Raster-Scanned Paper Map of Roads, Vectorized, ~ 1985 


Map Generalization  with

Raster-Scanned Paper Maps

After Resymbolization [Enlargement]


UltraScan 5000 Precision Scanner for Aerial Color Film @ Accuracy at ± 1 µm, with Automated Roll Film Management, 1999


Aerial Stereo Radar Image Pair by Goodyear Commerical System, Arizona

~1972 cialis online


Satellite Radarsat Stereo-Based

Digital Elevation Model, Nagano/Japan



NASA Magellan Elevation Model of Venus-Surface by Radar Stereo and Shape-from-Shading, ~ 1994


Satellite Radar Strips Merged into Mosaic

of Antarctica, Created by Vexcel Corp. in Project RAMS for Ohio State University / NASA


 Aerial SAR, 25 cm, Interpretation of 4 Real SAR-Images of a Church by Simulation

[PhD-Project Regine Bolter, ~2002]




3D Surface, Habsburg Emperor Karl IV

From Film Camera Image Block of Statue 

[PhD Project Peter Uray, ~ 1996] 


Raster Electron Microscope 3D Model of Broken Metal Surface, Micrometer Detail [PhD Project Stefan Scherer, ~ 1999]

Aerial Arctic Sea Ice Radar Image Strips

Merged into Mosaic for AIDJEX Project

and JPL-NASA, ~ 1977

Endoscopic Imaging for Medical Surgery, Tested Using a US Coin,

~ 1982